Desktop Apps

RoboMove (Windows) Watches one directory for new files and moves files from that directory to another. This is good if you have a process that makes files that you want to get rid of, you're downloading files, or you want to save space on one drive by moving files off of it. There are many possibilities for use of this application.

Gator (Windows) Organizes files into a single directory. Excellent tool for organizing pictures and videos into a single, flat directory. Please make sure to place the gator .exe into the directory you wish to flatten.

Ganker (Windows) Download all of the media files of your selection from a webpage. Also includes a polling feature that polls the webpage for new media and downloads it. Supports mp4, webm, png and gif formats.

Romulus Build System With Spark Installer A system for building C++ applications in Windows (Win 7, 8, 10). Open Source. Written in C#. Written for devs who want to dump Visual Studio but still use Microsoft C++ tools. Official page

Rifle Automation utility A utility for automating the windows filesystem. Scan through files via a timer & more. - $19.99
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